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H807 – Block 1 Readings

February 16, 2011

Those who can read and understand what they are reading have a clear advantage, that’s what I am sometimes telling my students. Well, I should have listened to my own advice.

I somehow thought that the Block 1 Reading is a compilation of those readings that we have to read doing the activities. Having now a closer look at the reading list – fortunately I printed it out and filed it at the beginning of my folder – I figured out that was slightly misleading.

These readings are additional readings!

H807 recommends to spend about 7 hours in private reading over the duration of this block. I really don’t how they read, but 9 readings are suggested, sometimes even whole issues, one time a whole book, that allows just to skim through or probably I need to change my reading strategies. Another issue that strikes me ist that most of the readings are pretty old – the oldest is from 2001 and the last from 2007, considering the fast changes in the elearning sector. I know we can learn from these articles as well, but honestly I would be interested in more up-to-date readings. Am I wrong again, or?

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