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H807 – Payback ;-)

February 22, 2011

I guess that is the payback for the times I speeded ahead and left others behind in the forum. 4 days late and you have about 50 long messages to read, to comprehend and to respond too. Some of my colleagues already finished all the activities of the week and even the forum for the last activity contains 8 postings, at the time I will be ready to participate, I assume it will be about 30 postings, and honestly that takes a lot of fun away. I just made my way through 25 long to very long postings, don’t get me wrong, they were interesting, but not if you read 25 of them in a row and finally I had to force myself to leave a reply.

Well, I soon broke of the habit being the first in the forum thread next to the tutor, realizing how discouraging this can be for others, and since I am studying two course I am glad I make it in the same week. However, it is still discouraging, although I understand the strategy of my colleagues who want to finish the weekly activities as quickly as possible. Yet, it seems I am in a tutor group full of early adopters and with only a few laggards which makes it not really easier.

I guess I should get some comfort food, and should not be too sensible and instead of writing unnecessary posts about my state of mind get back to work.

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