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H807 – ‘Flying innovations’ – Add-on

February 23, 2011

Pettit the writer of week 3 course material mentions support as an important criteria, and claims that an innovation that will be well supported is usually more attractive.

I have to agree with him that swimming against the tide is more difficult and might discourage e.g. teachers to adopt new innovations in elearning, because they receive no support from the school adminstration or from their colleagues, but might even encounter scepticism, uncertainty or criticism. ‘Oh, she again with her crazy ideas’, oh, is she going to the computer lab again to have some quite time and let her students surf the web’. These are typical comments you might hear, or worse just hear as rumours.

Familiarizing students with a new technology, design manuals, etc, inform parents and ask for consent that contributions from their underaged children will be visible in the interent, all that cost a lot of energie and effort doing it on your own, without a supportive school framework.

However, is support is a separate criteria or a dimension of complexity? Well, I would almost count it towards complexity. The question there was how difficult is the innovation to adopt? What new skills, concepts would be necessary to learn/adapt. This dimension could be easily complemented with what support is available.

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