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H807 – Will a potential innovation ‘fly’?

February 23, 2011

Rogers also provides a framework, i.e. critierias to evaluate a potential innovation.

Here is a list of the five criterias.

  • Relative advantage – does it offer a much better way of doing something?
  • Compatibility – how compatible is the innovation with the value systems, experiences and needs of the potential adopter?
  • Complexity – how difficult is the innovation to adopt? What new skills, concepts would be necessary to learn/adapt
  • Trialability – is it possible to run a trial to reduce the risk and to engage with issues of compatibility and complexity?
  • Observability – can others observe the benefits, the relative advantage?

I plan to introduce blogging to my health class.

The main relative advantage I hope to achieve with blogging is to build a community of practice, to increase (online) communication and as high level outcome a greater reflection of the learning material.

Compatibility: I already know that some might criticise that this can be as well achieved in a face-to-face setting, but I hope I can encourage those students beyond the classroom and also give them all more flexible time to reflect on what they learned, which is impossible in the regular classroom setting.

Complexity will be high on both sides, for me as teacher to develop a new teaching concept and for the students who never blogged before.

Trialability and observalibity does not apply so far, although I found reports about blogging projects on other schools, often from the USA or UK, quite encouraging and being a passionate blogger myself I hope my students will make similar positive experiences.

Ok, that are 160 words 😛 and I have to agree with a colleague that ‘limiting this piece of writing to 75 words is impossible’.

Coming back to the question will this innovation fly? I hope the blogging project does fly or let’s say at least that it is not a non-starter.

However, I would appreciate any recommendations and advise from those who already introduced all kinds of blogging projects to their students.

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