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H809 – Comparions of timelines (A3.4a)

February 25, 2011

Here is my comparison between Conole’s technology developments timeline and my personal educational timeline.

It is pretty interesting that in the year I was born mainframes, batch processing and machine codes started. 14 years later, 1979, the first microprocessor came out and from 1980 on the first stand-alone systems with desktop PCs came out. Well, 8 years later I had my first PC, and I definitely belonged to the early adopters in my circle of friends. I am kind of amazed that graphical interfaces came out 1987, because my first computer still run with MS-DOS 3.0 and that was not graphical at all. But I recall that Apple was one of the first who brought that out and it took quite a while for Microsoft to catch up.

There is also a slight time lag recognizable with the Internet access, but a larger one (7 years) between my first contact with a virtual learning environment (VLE) and the actual appearance in the UK.

Here is the comparison table: UK elearning timeline (taken from Conole et al. 2007) and Sylvia’s elearning timeline. Please click on the table to enlarge it.


Source: Conole, G., Smith, J. and White, S. (2007) ‘A critique of the impact of policy and funding’ in Conole, G. and Oliver, M. (eds) Contemporary Perspectives on E-learning Research, London, RoutledgeFalmer.

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