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H807 – Conferencing (A3.4)

February 27, 2011

Imagine you are a member of a project board in a work context. The board will have to agree on three criteria for deciding which projects to continue to fund, and which to drop.

Q1 Which three criteria are you going to argue for, and why?

Q2 What, if anything, do your responses tell you about your own attitudes to innovation?

Running late I had the advantage to read all the contributions of my H807 colleagues who already collected countless of criteria had just to make up my mind which three criteria I would go for. I decided to go for the following three criteria, which seemed most important for me, if I would be a member of a project board.

  • innovation had been evaluated and success demonstrated
  • The innovation is successful in improving learning
  • Long term (realistic) plan for sustainability of resources (funding and staff)

My first criteria shows that I want to stay ‘well behind the leading/bleeding edge’ (Roger, 2003) and that I wait that the innovation is evaluated and success demonstrated. Initial problems are mainly solved, teaching and learning methods have been developed which I can simply need to adjust to my context, and which brings safe benefits.

Of course an innovation should be successful, but how to you define or evaluate success. Someone in the tutor forum said that ‘the definition of success is a slippery one’, although a great number of the group find this an important criteria. I guess we would need new criteria to define success, but I think it is again pretty much context dependent.

Without a long-term (realistic) plan for sustainability of resources (funding and staff), including adequate support for all involved innovations will not ‘fly’ or cross Moore’s chasm.

My responses tell me that I  belong at the very most to the early majority waiting till initial problems have been ironed out, thinking carefully before adopting an innovation and waiting that innovation had been evaluated and success demonstrated, weighing up potential benefits and downfalls before deciding to adopt the innovation.

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