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H807 – Reading Rochelle 1992 (A4.2)

February 28, 2011

I must start by saying that I really love to read, I cannot get enough from it, I love to go to the library and pick new books, but … that does not necessarily include academic reading ;-). Don’t get me wrong, most times the readings that we are asked to read for our study are quite interesting, although I have to admit not all, but there is nevertheless a great difference when it come to reading a really great thrilling novel or if you are asked to read Rochelle now. It is only 40 pages and the title ‘Learning by collaborating’ sounds interesting, but there is a difference if you read just for fun or if you have to read an academic article and answer question, discuss issues and to reflect on it.

Searching for an image I came around the above one. Funnily it was on the cover of ‘The Good study guide’ from the Open University (OU), written by Andrew Northedge. This book came with my first OU course K100 Understanding Health and Social Care which I started 2005. Since that I am nonstop with the OU and it kind of saddens me that this journey will end this summer. Well, I can still go for PhD or EdD 😉


Roschelle, J. (1992) ‘Learning by collaborating: convergent conceptual change’, Journal of the Learning Sciences, vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 235–76 (accessed 28.02.2011).

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