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H807 – SWOT analysis of podcasting

March 2, 2011

SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats


  • RSS updates, time-shifting, anywhere, anytime, multi-tasking, personalised, inexpensive, active engagement. Podcasts enables a greater sense of rapport and intimacy, realism and motivation, up-to-date
  • Human voice promote active engagement, enables a deep engagement with learning material and/or further understanding from in-class thought material.
  • multi-tasking approach – listening allows other tasks to be performed at the same time


  • listening to educational material is different from listening for entertainment, may require to sit down and work on the material, thus the advantage of listening on the go is lost
  • Medical podcast are increasingly available but too high standard for my students.
  • An unsupportive framework in school with restricted access to computer-labs, lacking CD-players further prevents playing podcasts,
  • Unfamiliarity with podcast, not seeing the relevance for learning or teaching, and/or technical problems in publishing, respectively subscribing podcast are barriers that instructors and students might experience
  • Teachers might lack the time to prepare podcast, or lack the necessary skills to make informed choices on how to incorporate podcast in innovative ways to exploit the affordances of the technology
  • poor audio quality, poor content and the linear sequential nature of podcast
  • lacking accessibility, transcripts and dialogue
  • Providing lecture podcasts for individual review does not enable two-way interaction or audience participation.
  • Podcasts have also a limited usefulness for hearing impaired

I think many of the opportunities are already mentioned in the strength section and some threats are listed in the weaknesses section.


  • up-to-date material


  • Increased absences when lectures are available online as podcasts
  • Monologe instead of dialogue

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