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H809 – First assignment coming up!

March 3, 2011

One and a half week to go before the cut-off day for the first assignment.

Let’s think positive and view it as a challenge not a threat. You might recall my summary on the upcoming H809 assignments and might want to have a look at it.

As far as I understand is the first TMA somehow related to the final end-of-module assessment (EMA).

First we are asked to choose between project A or B. A our own design of a practice-based research study relating to educational technology and B write a critique of the research methods that have been used by researchers to study some aspects of educational technology.We are asked to describe clearly what we plan for our project. Well, ….. well, that requires some serious consideration.

Next to that we are asked to create an empirical research question and we are asked to identify research literature relevant to the research question that helps us to explain why our research questions deserves to be researched. Well, I have a couple of vague ideas, but it they will serve the purpose, I don’t know 😕

Finally, we need to discuss the strengths and challenges of the research methods we met in Block 1.

Well, there is a lot to do, so better get started, because H807 also requires a lot of time. We are asked to interview and innovator or adopter. ??? I guess I will not find anybody in my school as we belong best to the late adopters, more likely to the laggards. I thought about our local technical university, but I will have to do some research first.

Time, a kingdom for more time. I definitely need more time, but that is not given, thus I will have to juggle all the task and hope that none of them come off.

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