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H809 – Assessments a necessary evil?

March 10, 2011

I often ask myself are assessments a necessary evil or a good way to demonstrate knowledge, a great challenge as it is often said. As I teacher I tell of course my students how much they can gain from assessments and what a great 😉 way it is to test their knowledge, but in the middle of an assessment with the cut-off day moving relentless closer I view assessments more as a necessary evil, that needs to be done to achieve a grade and that costs me sleepless nights. Not that I cannot sleep, but the time that remains to sleep is just getting shorter and shorter. In some circumstances I can enjoy the challenge, my ‘battle’ with the topic, and it is quite rewarding to manage a demanding assessment and even more when I achieve a good grade on it, but I haven’t reached that stage yet :-S

At least I managed to make my way through the pros and cons of research methods, considered which method(s) and perspectives would be best to apply for my research question. However,  I still have to cut down about 500 words or so, but I am an expert on that, so no big deal.

I am approaching now part 3 of the assessment where I am asked to identify research literature relevant to my research question. Well, there is enough literature out there about blogging, but I am still pondering how I am going to make best use of this literature and how it suppose to help explain why my research question deserves to be researched 😕

I still received no answer if the lack of literature is an indicator that not much research is done in that topic, thus my questions deserves to be researched to fill that research gap. But then the question remains, how can I present non-existing literature?

The page from the New York State College about Developing a research question recommended to evaluate the own research question and to find out if the topic can be researched. Does that mean that I search for literature that already answers my research question? But if I already get answers why do I need to conduct the research again? Well, questions over questions and again not enough answers.

Interestingly an often observable phenomenon happen in my tutor forum, that hardly anybody post any messages in the forum, not even questions regarding the upcoming assessment. Nothing really happens in the general forum as well, it seems everybody moved on to Twitter and @_arien/h809 list. At least there is something going on. It is kind of weird if communication dry ups in forums that has been lively before.

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