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H809 – Pertinent Research literature

March 12, 2011

“Use the academic search engines met in Block 1 to identify research literature relevant to your research question. Use the literature you find to help explain why your research question deserves to be researched. For the purposes of this TMA (tutor-marked assessment), concentrate on no more than five useful references. “

I used the OU library, Google Scholar, looked at the reference list of the articles to find out if some authors are often named, made use of citation search using e.g. ISI Web of Knowledge and as well Google Scholar to find out it how often the articles were cited by others, as I think that might be an indicator of relevance.

There is plenty of literature out their regarding the use of educational blogs, however not all of them prove to be really relevant to my research question and I am actually down to 4 articles, starting with far more than 10 articles. However, starting with Downes (2004) article about ‘Educational blogging’ which is cited by 286 in Google Scholar and by 30 in ISI made me think about research literature. Can each article be regarded as research literature. Downes article made me quite unsecure if his article, thus interesting and with plenty of information and references to wider literature really could be really considered as research in a ‘strict’ sense. Contrary to other articles who conducted their research with a number of participants and report about their research methods, the main point we are asked to focus, their findings and limitations, could Downes article be considered more as report. Hence, what is research literature 😕 Pretty silly to come up with that question so late :-S

Nevertheless, did I stick with Downes because he is so often cited by others that he must have done something right, but I found a couple of other articles that fit the pattern of a research article better, well at least I assume it.

Yet, I am still unsure how that part of the assessment should look like, but I have at least a couple of ideas that I will follow. Well, I guess I will have to brave the gap again, like many time when I was unsure what the assessment really requires. I will fill the gap with my creative abilities in the hope that it will be enough. My tutor’s feedback will reveal if I made a good or less good job. Two more days to go and plenty of work to do.

Good luck to everyone who has to finish an assessment as well.


Downes, S. (2004). Educational blogging. Educause review, 39, 14−27.

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