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H807 – Communication technologies and society (A5.2+3)

March 14, 2011

Finally I finished this activity with a week delay. I had to finish the assessment for H809 first. Now I am back and try to catch up.

This activity is all about wiki’s, did I already mention that I am not a big wiki fan, not to confuse with Wikipedia, I like that source, although you have to be aware that everyone can edit the source and the validity is sometimes questionable. And guess what – my favourite 500 word reports are back again. Some might recall my enthusiasm, more the lack of it ;-), when I did H808 where we had to produce the 500-word reports almost on a weekly basis. Unfortunately this report covers a different issue, thus I cannot refer back to my presentation about Wikis in education :-(, but it might be still from some interest as it provides a broad overview over wiki’s, its main advantages and challenges.

Ok, first things first. Reading the article by Weller (2006) ‘The distance from isolation: why communities are the logical conclusion in e-learning‘. It’s just 12 pages, thus I should be back soon :-S to tackle the report and answer the following questions.

  1. An analysis of the social values wiki users adopt.
  2. A discussion regarding the relationship between these social values and the features of the wiki technology itself.

As well as the subsequent reflection where we are asked to consider 4 other questions.

  1. Are such technologies finding new ways of conducting behaviours that were already in operation, or are they promoting new types of behaviour?
  2. Are the technologies used uniformly, or do different communities use the same technology in different ways?
  3. Are internet technologies different in any respects from other technologies?
  4. Can you think of an example when a technology has changed your behaviour?

Well, I haven’t read the article yet, but I had a look at the suggested resources. The links are provided below. I found the video ‘Wiki’s in plain English‘ interested, I liked the simple, but quite effective way to create a video. However, talking about innovation I would suggest to watch the video about GoogleWave. Unfortunately, this innovation did not cross the gap, to use Moore’s chasm theory, and did not make it (so far?!) to the early majority šŸ˜¦ I guess the initial problem was that you needed an invitation from someone else and each person could just send 8 invitations out. Thus the spread was not so big and with only 3 to 4 MAODE colleagues we never really made ‘big waves’ and the initial hype ebbed away. Actually sad, because this tool has much to offer.

In H800 we discussed issue around wiki’s as well and had to read this article from Nicholson Baker, which describes the phenomenon depicted in the image.


We also started the following discussion in Cloudworks: Wikipedia is acceptable to use as a reference for an academic piece of writing!?

Well, this is just a brief overview over my experience with wiki’s. Of course as MAODE student we are asked to work with the wiki to collate information there or for collaborative work.



Weller, M.J. (2006) ā€˜The distance from isolation: why communities are the logical conclusion in e-learningā€™ in Dias de Figueiredo, A. and Afonso, A. (eds) Managing Learning in Virtual Settings: The Role of Context, Hershey, PA, Information Science Publishing.

Nicolson Baker: ‘How I fell in love with wikipedia’ [online] (accessed 14.03.2011).

Minocha, S. and Thomas, P.S. (2007) ā€˜Collaborative learning in a wiki environment: experiences from a software engineering courseā€™, New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia, vol.13, no.2, pp.187ā€“209; also available online at login?url= 13614560701712667 (accessed 16 March 2010).

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  1. LOL!! I like Wikipedia, it is he voice of the people. And who says that the people are less to be believed than academics (who are also people I guess). I started a poll from my bog, about whether we believe students should be allowed to cite Wikipedia in academic articles – and the result so far is an astounding 100%!

  2. Hey – I made another one!!! Flora and Blob: Wikis

  3. Oooh – I only posted a link – I didn’t realise it would bring up a great big picture – sorry…

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