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H807 – Self disclosure and CMC

March 17, 2011

Here my summary and analysis of my second guided reading, the article from Adam N. Joinson (2001)

Self-disclosure in computer-mediated communication (CMC): The role of self-awareness and visual anonymity

The results from the three studies that Joinson conducted confirms Ben-Ze’ve’s statement that greater anonymity, the lack of visual cues leads to greater self-disclosure in computer-mediated communication.

Well, that is the short version, yes I can manage to write short posts ;-), I’ll need to practice for the upcoming report where I just have 800 words to summarize the more than 200 pages JISC study, and another 500 words to report about my process in writing that report. Part of my process will be to cut words, cut them again, go over it again, to weigh my words precisely, and to get rid of even more words until I will finally reach 800 words, respectively 500. Fingers crossed on that.


Joinson, A.N. (2001) ‘Self-disclosure in computer-mediated communication: the role of self-awareness and visual anonymity’, European Journal of Social Psychology, vol.31, no.2, pp.177–92; also available online at (Accessed 2 December 2010).

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  1. Yeehah…. I submitted mine today. Can’t believe how difficult this one was. I’m not proud of the submission – but I was pissed off to be few % off a distinction.

    And if the pass I got could have been anywhere from 40% to 85%, then what’s the point of pushing so hard, if average work gets me the same ‘pass’ grade? AAAARRRGGHHHH!!!!

    Did I read you had the same dilemma? I remember Lynn did with her last module…

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