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Results are out for H808 and H810

March 17, 2011

Well, I passed that’s the good new, the less good news are that I am not really satisfied with the results  :-S

I admit I haven’t done so much for H810, the time was simply running out,  but all the effort I put in H808, night shifts, endless hour, especially for the repository file that need to be an enclosed file, not simply a link to my Mahara eportfolio that I extra started and maintained for this course, just to find out we are not allowed to provide a link to that repository, how unexplainable is that 😕 The results for just do not mirror the time and effort put into it 😦 Unfortunately we will not receive much feedback on that, because I really want to know what the examiner missed, what their critic was to take so many points away. And stupid me,  now I have to say ‘wasted’ additional time with the supplementary activities to achieve some extra points. Don’t get me wrong working across the tutor groups was great, but if you have no time, but hope you can push your grade a little and thus spend additional time that you don’t have, and seeing now the results … 😦  The benefit-cost ratio was definitely far out of balance.

Another interesting feature, at least for me, that I almost always end up in the EMA with at least 10 points below my average, it almost seems there is a general rule that EMA’s results needs to be lower than the OCAS.

Ok, some might say I should believe in the Olympic thought, to be in the game, is all that count, or to translate it to our studies, to pass it all that counts, but sorry that does not really count for me, I always aim for the first three places. Sure I passed but if I pass with 84 or simply with 40 still counts as pass, great why did I spend endless hours if it does not make a difference. I should take the day off, although the first assessment for H807 is coming up and I still haven’t done much, but hey pass is pass, I should really be a little bit more relaxed.

We had pretty different interpretation about the meaning of that emoticon in my tutor group , but that’s how I feel right now. We also discussed in H807 social cues. Well, I agree that the internet liberates, that it leads to a greater openness and to greater self-disclosure. Or would I otherwise rant about my results in public 😉

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  1. Adrian Pickering permalink

    Hi Sylvia, I can only comment on H808. My OES was 9 below my OCAS however I had worked out quite soon (after TMA01) that there was no way I would be able to get a distinction average 80+ for TMAs. I was close but new deep down I would not get 80 for OES so did nt do much towards the supplementary activities. It is unfair that if you get 40 or 79 you get the same pass grade and not a distinction. I am surprised that you have not finished H807 TMA 01 yet? Yes I have a draft I will tweak as the top tips come in throughout the week on the forums and am planning to do my interview for TMA02 next week and catch up with all the reading in block 1!
    Dont be disheartened and keep your hard work and standards high! I have H800, H810, H809 to do after H807 and only do one unit at a time – you are nearly finished your MAODE. Your blog contributions are really good and I suppose I will be a follower should I get stuck!
    Adrian keep smiling 🙂

    • Thanks Adrian for cheering me up, and thanks for your commend my blog. It is just disappointing to see that the more than 140 hours resulted just in an 68 OES. I fell down by 10 from an OCAS from 78. Guess I must have done something wrong 😦

      Well, no time to complain, I wish I would have a draft already. It will be again a ‘lovely’ and long weekend :-S and instead of complaining here in my blog I should go back to work.

  2. Louisa Thomas permalink

    Hi Sylvia,

    Just wanted to say congratulations for passing both courses! Its an amazing achievement, and whilst I understand you are frustrated with the marks, I do think you should allow yourself to feel a great deal of pride in what you have done so far!

    Hope you are enjoying H807 too!

    With best wishes,

    • Hallo Louisa,

      thanks for cheering me up. ‘You are right, I should be more satisfied. How about you? Hope things went well for you.

  3. Very belatedly can I say that I had the exact same experience and put in a huge amount of additional time – the benefit is therefore a professional and personal one as I feel very able to talk at length and in detail about the topic. When it came to the EMA I do now expect 10% fall off, in this EMA the fall off was huge, more like 25%. I know that my conclusions were excellent, however I had not given myself the time to weave in multiple references: tick points, so that the examiner could acknowledge that I had drawn my thinking largely from the resources and other fully referenced, valid sources. Only here as I StumbledUpon your blog trying to find some dates on when H810 was first presented. Have you gradtuated? I am on my fifth and final module – H810.

    • Hallo Jonathan,

      thanks for your comment. As far as I can recall we met in one of the OU forums before. As good as or bad I did in the TMA’s I always scored less in the EMA/ECA. I cannot remember which tutor said it, but he/she commented that getting a distinction is like finding the Holy Grail. Well, I sometimes achieved a distinction in a TMA, but never in an ECA, but I heard that some fellow students where more successful. Yes, I graduated a year ago and let me tell you, after a while only the degree matters, not necessarily the mark you achieved, and what you made out of your degree.

      I loved doing H810 and found it pretty relaxing compared to the other H-courses. H810 greatly increased my awareness regarding accessibility and how careful consideration of this topic when designing e-learning resources and make life a lot easier for people with disabilities. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and good luck for you with your last module.


  4. I’m back again as I Google Conole and Oliver on metaphor which brought me to your blog. What a fabulous resources and very rewarding to read someone else’s notes too. I am preparing to write the EMA for H810 – just the one module so I’ve been able to devout some time to it – that and I know my way around the key ideas at last. 89 for the last TMA rather blew my mind. My problem with the issues around H810 is who cares enough to invest? Legislation is weak, guidelines are highly prescriptive where accounts are won with innovation and traditional ways of doing things will mean some poor sap gets the task of being the ‘Online Disability Officer’ or some such – it takes a Vice Chancellor or some such to get behind it.

    • How true 😦
      What affected me most while taking H810 and still concerns me, how less consideration is still given to accessibility issues. It’s like a stepchild – nobody feels really responsible when it comes to desinging accessible e-learning resources. Accessibility is unfortunately not top priority for e-learning designers.

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