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Finally – Spring is approaching

March 25, 2011

Finally we made it, spring is approaching 🙂

And not only the calendar is telling us it is the official start in the season, but the weather proofs it, too. Sure in the morning it is still pretty could, but the sun is already out, it is light outside when you wake up shortly after 6 am, although that will change, as we will switch to summertime this weekend, but still it is in the air. During the day we even reach temperature between 15 up to 20 °C (around the mid 60°F). Some might think that is pretty cold, but about two weeks ago we still had freezing temperatures. Spring flowers are coming more and more out and even the bushes and trees start building out there leaves. I really love this season, it is so lively and brings back energy that I sometimes missed in the winter.

Despite my tight schedule I even manage to get out and exercise a little bit. I really need that having gained a couple of pounds and some ‘love handles’ while sitting on my desk and studying all time long.

Well, I need, I guess we all need some more energy, some warmth to get things done. And talking about getting things done, brings me back to H809 where I need to catch up a almost two weeks 😦

Enjoy the sun 🙂

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