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H807 – Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choire

April 8, 2011

Would that count as mashup?

Eric Withacre brings together 2052 global voices from around the globe perform ‘Sleep’.

According the definition given for mashups from the 2011 Horizon Report – a web application that combines data from more than one source via a single, unified tool – this project could be considered as mashup. Even Lamb’s definition – a Web site or application that combines the data and functionality of multiple Web sites into an integrated experience – would apply in a broader sense.

And even if this virtual choir does not count as mashup it is evidence of the new possibilities the web offer to allow even greater collaboration.

unfortunately the video is not available in my country, but here is the link to Eric’s website, you might be lucky to view it. There is also a map (yes, again a map) that shows the location of every singer with a tree symbol, and clicking on a tree brings up the individual video.

Here is a link to the blog from Jack Rowland, the Gadget Guy who provides interesting information about the project.

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  1. samantha permalink

    Hi Sylvia,
    I agree that this is definitely a mash up and so far the most beautiful and amazing one I have seen. Thanks for sharing this.

    • It is still not available here in Germany. I just heard in the news about it and saw a short preview and I would love to watch it 😦

      • Samantha permalink

        I managed to find it on u-tube and have embedded in my blog – as I thought worthy of sharing after you pointed it out.

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