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H809 – Identifying new research methods (A11.4)

May 1, 2011

I did not really identify new research methods :-?, but found a couple of interesting links that might be worth to follow-up.

Starting point was the Cloudworks site, but I also found other resources, like the NCRM Research Methods festival, 2010. Have a look at the

They provide some interesting insights.

This page might be also interesting, although not necessarily in the context of new research methods. It is an E-Learning Research Methods Glossary.

Here are links to e-learning conferences. The IADIS Conference e-Learning 2011 already took place in Rome, in March 2011 and the Educa Berlin, 2011 takes place from November 30 – December 02, 2011. I thought about attending it this year, but my interview parter from H807 told me that the last time she attended it, it was pretty busy there and the hotels and everything is quite expensive. That does not sound too good considering my limited budget, limited with all the great MAODE courses ;-), and nobody will pay for me and I will have to ask my school to accept it as further education. Well, first things first, but it sound interesting and I would really love to attend it, probably making some new contacts with potential employers.

Well, coming back to the main topic – new research methods – the Educa raise as well the question – Are the old methods dead? – next to  ‘How should we teach?’,  ‘How can we learn?’ and  ‘Do we need a new culture of learning?’ Sounds interesting 🙂

The H809 course material suggested to visit the JISC’s Research 3.0 site. I recommend watching the video. They suggest that researchers should collaborate,  that knowledge and information should be available to everybody and that digital tools have the potential to greatly improve research. Have a look, it is an eight minute video wroth watching.

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