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May 3, 2011

Are all exhibitions so expensive 😦

The Educa Berlin is the largest Global E-Learning Conference for the Corporate, Education and Public Service Sectors and I would like to participate. Getting three days off from school shouldn’t be the problem, at least I hope the school administration would appreciate my wish to get a deeper insight into e-elearning and finding an inexpensive hotel, should be as well no problem as well as the exhibitions takes place first beginning of December.

However, …. when my interview partner from H807 talked about high prices, I thought she spoke about the costs for accommodations, travel and food, and I thought well, of course hotels in Berlin are not cheap, but I don’t mind to even stay in a youth hostel, just to experience being part of an international e-learning conference. Being part of this e-learning community, which I worked so hard for to become a member. That would be great. If there wouldn’t be that small problem – well, it is 360 € small and that is the student fee, the regular fee is 690 €, but only if you sign in until the end of may, otherwise the fee raises by 100 €. The good news, the student fee stays constant, the bad news – I don’t know how I suppose to afford that. The fees include VAT, conference materials, a conference CD-ROM, coffee breaks and lunch on December 1st and 2nd. The above-mentioned fees do not include pre-conference workshops, the Book of Abstracts or accommodation.

Help, even I cannot drink so much coffee 😉 Are all exhibitions so expensive???  My Master study greatly impacted on my bank account, although I do not regret a minute, well probably a couple of seconds when another assessment was due ;-), but fact is that my bank account does not really allow such events.

Except, somebody would sponsor me.

What do I have to offer. Well, as you see I am quite a passionate blogger and I would extensively blog about my experience. After six years of studying with the OU, I am also pretty much trained in all kinds of academic writing, be it essays, reports, critical reflections and I recently conducted an interview with an innovator. 

Does that convince anybody to sponsor me 😕 Well, let’ see if I get any offers, it is worth asking.

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One Comment
  1. Alex permalink

    Dear Sylvia,

    Considering the fees, I doubt this conference has something to do with education.

    Instructional Designer

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