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H807 – Online privacy – an illusion? (A10.1)

May 4, 2011

You have zero privacy anyway … Get over it.

(Scott McNealy, CEO, SUN Microsystems, 1999)

And as we all know we leave our digital footprints everywhere. However, do I want to keep a privacy diary – I don’t think so. Honestly what is innovative about that, I feel like I belong to the weight watchers keeping my eating diary.

Like I said, we all know that our privacy, especially online privacy is eroded, and some people even don’t care, when I look at my own blog and how willing  I am to share pretty private things, not to talk about Facebook and the extensive use some people make of it, using it to tell all those who are interested and event those who are not interested if they just opened a fortune cookie, what they just ate, in what mood they are and so one. So privacy is pretty much biased. We also know that there are trade-offs. I trade some of my privacy to gain some benefits somewhere else. The whole life is a trade-off. Also known is that there are legal requirements for data protection. All in all I pretty much believe in what McNealy stated – you have zero privacy anyway. We pretty much become transparent citizen or ICT users.

Just a couple of hours before I provide personal information to get free access to the Rehab fair to get free access to the fair. Another trade-off. I was willing to trade in some informational privacy to get free access, although I know that this information will be collected and somewhere used. However, I gave them the address from my school ;-), hence the privacy threat was relative small as they ‘just’ know my name. I was in control as I could have decided not to get a free voucher. Well, that is one example for my privacy diary.

What was new to me to define privacy in terms of dimension: the informational privacy which covers my personal information, the accessibility privacy, insofar I allow other physical or sensory access to my person and finally expressive privacy, the right of speech or activity.

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