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H809 – Worst grade ever

May 4, 2011

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  1. I know how disappointed you must feel Sylvia. We’ve all been there. However, yu are a strong student and know how to learn from the feedback you’ve received – it’s frustrating to get a lower mark after all the effort you’ve put in, but try to take the advice and move on. I suppose the one positive thing about the fast pace of these courses is that it doesn’t leave you too long to dwell on being disappointed!

    • Thanks Alice for your encouraging words.
      You are right that we do not have much time to dwell on and be disappointed, but I am not sure about being a strong student, it is definitely time to come to an end after six years, to live not only to function. I really love studying, but not at this pace, but that was my decision. Regarding learning from feedback, I believe in that, however, although I acknowledge some of the critics and feedback given, I am quite unsure if this really results in such an abysmal grade 😦

  2. Trust me, I know how you must feel. I received a shockingly low grade in H807 – you know, the one where Deneka had a go at the entire group because loads of us misunderstood… I would have cried had she not had that go, tho, ‘cos as my husband pointed out, if so many people misunderstood the instructions, then the instructions must have been flawed…

    • Hallo Kate,
      define shockingly – my ‘best’ result that I achieved just recently was 53 😦
      Right now it seems we will have the same situation again. I could already start crying. ;-(

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