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H807 – Challenging word limit

May 8, 2011

The good news is that I decreased the number of messages below 20, yet the main challenge, is really to stay within the wordlimit of 200 words. Well, at least it is a challenge for me as some of my messages are lenghty and up to 500 words. As good they might be, I need to exlude them otherwise I will never stay within the wordlimit and I guess there is no option to drop the number of messages 😕

Another challenge is to identify key themes illustrated by the messages. I am not sure if we should base them on the themes and concepts introduced in the course material, e.g. innovations, affordances, communication, etc. or if we should find our own key themes? I am really not sure about that, any thoughts on that?

I produced a brief Overview Block 1 and 2, using the course themes and relevant readings and/or activities that might help to refer to relevant literature.

please click to enlarge

I also recalled the framework we used in H808 – The elearning professional for our reflective commentaries, which I considered using as key themes?!

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Why is it that assessments always raise more questions, althought they suppose to produce answers 😕

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  1. Hey Sylvia, I’m pretty sure I read that it’s OK to use exerpts from some of the forum posts…

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