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H807 – The agony of choice (TMA03)

May 8, 2011

For the final TMA03 (tutor-marked assessment) we have to choose 10 forum messages, including 1 blog entry from Block 1 and Block 2 which means a maximum of 1 message each week. Considering how many activities took place each week, mainly 3 or more activities and considering as well, that with one forum threat which consist sometimes 50 and more messages, two or more messages were posted one can imagine that I am spoilt for choices.

However, simply extracting 10 messages is not the main problem, but thoughtful and deliberate consideration is essential to cover the right 10 messages to meet the assessment criteria. That means the messages must address the demands of the particular activity – I guess I have to re-read them as I sometimes skipped some instructions, or went over word limits 😛 and focused on what seemed most relevant, the messages should also reflect the interaction with other students, thus messages that contain mainly answers, needs to be sorted out, and the selection should display a range of activities and be spread (evenly) over the two blocks. I guess that narrows down my initial collection of about 33 messages that I put into closer consideration. Not to forget that we have only 2000 words for the message collection :-O

Well, but that is only the first part, a relative easy part it looks like, but considering that we can achieve already 70% this part definitely requires further reflection.

Part 2 is the reflective part were we are asked to write an overview of our message collection in which we reflect on the process of interacting online. That means, e.g. how I went about commenting on other messages, how I felt about discussing my ideas with peers, if messages improved over time (or not ;-), what I learned from my peers or tutors messages. All this reflections should be supported by references to relevant literature.

Well, the good – or in my case the bad news are that we only have 1000 words.

Ok, I should not ‘waste’ my time writing blog entries – a form of attunement or one could argue a form of procrastination 😉 – but get back to my work.

Definitely one bright spot is the weather today – I am sitting here im my garden and study, enjoying the warm and sunny weather.

Life is good! 🙂

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  1. I know your pain Sylvia! Your garden looks very nice for studying in though. I find I can’t see the laptop screen in the sun, so have to work inside – it’s been very very windy today though, so not a problem. I’ve finally got down to my 10 choices – but I’m yet to see if they fit the word count… it does say that it’s permissible to use an extract from a very long post! Hope so!

    • Hallo Alice,
      I thought I leave you a comment on your blog, but it seems we are not compatible. The page broke down several times when I want to submit the comment, hmm strange. I will try it another time.

      Well, in case it does not work here my reply to your usability post.
      Hallo Alice,

      great evaluation of usability. I see you are familiar with Fang, WAVE and other accessibility tools. I used them too for my analysis of the Open2net site, which reminds me I have to finish my post. I just posted a brief version in the forum so I can use it for the upcoming TMA.

      I love to sit outside in the garden, that makes studying so much more enjoyable, and the sunshade works pretty good that the screen of my laptop is still readable and I don’t sunburn. I still have to invest some work in my garden, but this have to wait until I am done with my courses. However, I still like it the way it is 🙂

      Do you have any ideas about the themes we suppose to choose? I wrote a blog post were I reflected on that issue. Should we use themes mentioned in the course material, e.g. innovations, affordances, communication, or should we think out of the box. I thought about the H808 framework. I hope Deneka will open the forum soon, so we can discuss matters.


  2. Sylvia, it’s a lovely, natural garden… Beautiful. No wonder you like to sit outside and work!

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