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H807 – We’ve missed you on Twitter!

May 13, 2011

I received an email from Twitter telling me

We’ve missed you on Twitter!

That definitely raises privacy issue. How do they know that I wasn’t actively twittering, well of course I know how they do that, but what is their interest to remind me that I haven’t signed in to Twitter for a while. I would understand if some of my peers would have written me that email, but Twitter?  What will be next? Will I receive the next time an email from my coffee machine that I drink too much coffee?

Or probably I will receive an email from WordPress that I reached my word limit, or that I went over the limit of writing more than 5 blog entries per day.

We just recently discussed privacy issue in our forum and I guess this is a typical example where tracking, or as one colleague put it – spying on behalf of improving and personalizing services, are justified. But, I guess that is another trade-off. You lose something, mainly informal privacy to gain some benefits, even if the benefits are sometimes questionable and their use is not visible first-hand.

Guess, I should sign in Twitter now, before I receive another reminder which might be not as polite as the first one. My luck that Facebook is less obtrusive, because I haven’t signed in Facebook for months.

Well, it really seem we have to decide to follow or not to follow, i.e. use a Web 2.0 service and be willing to provide private information or not to trade-off information, thus not use a certain Web 2.0 service and not to draw on potential benefits.

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