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Not my day ;-(

May 13, 2011

I don’t know what is wrong with my assignments grades. Is it that I expect too much, is it that I assess myself wrong, or that I am not realistic enough. I guess, it is a mixture of everything. Probably, it is because I am running out of steam after six years, although seeing the amount of time and effort I am putting in my whole study, I might have dropped from 150% to 120% 😉

Since days I am trying to find a solution to tackle the last TMA for H807, and though I thought that thought I understood the guidance, compile 10 messages from the forum no more than 2000 words, and write a reflective part reflecting on the process of online discussion no more than 1000 words. Now, several interpretations show up, and with my luck 😦 I am going to choose that version that will eventually not suit my tutor. I really have a bad feeling about that assignment and I fear that I back the wrong horse. One might call me not flexible enough, but if the guidance is so woolly, although I assume that my tutor just wants to make it ‘easy peasy’ for us, it brings out the exact opposite. 😕 I am lost, I am fed up and I will call it a day.

Yesterday, I found a  Edgar Card with the following saying that I find pretty appropriate for my situation right now.

… and at the very end everything is anyhow rubbish.

That’s what I feel right now, just pass that will do and it probably saves me a lot of nerves, but unfortunately I cannot really jump over my own shadow, like I leopard cannot change his spots. I always want to achieve the best, but unfortunately the last times my efforts were not rewarded.

Well, I should really stop complaining, I already start sounding moanbag, a bitcher. I should face it and get over it.

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  1. Hi Sylvia,

    I know how you feel – this course feels quite bitty and all over the place – I misinterpreted the instructions for the last TMA too and I’m sure I’ll do the same for this one. I find it both helpful and confusing to read the tips posted by tutors. As you say we can just hope to pass and not fret about getting the best grades we can – a shame as I enjoy the challenge and find it very satisfying to do good work as I’m sure you do too!

    I guess the challenge here is to overcome ambiguity and still do a halfway decent job, which I thing we’re already doing:) Take the afternoon off. Do something you enjoy and treat yourself to something nice. Go to bed early and get up ready to tackle it fresh in the morning. Much better than slogging through unproductively today. You can do this!

    • Hallo Deirdre,
      that’s great to hear from you 🙂
      Yes, it seems it’s getting more and more difficult to pass, an experience that I did not had quite a long while ago. I always wanted more than simply to pass, but now I simply want to pass.

      Fortunately, I experienced a more productive day today and I even managed to get under the word limit. Now, I ‘just’ have to organise my references and tidy up my message collection. But the next TMA for H809 is due soon and I am even more concerned about that assessment :-(. And I am about two weeks running late. :-((

  2. Hey Honey – I know how you feel too. But as my husband perceptively pointed out, when the tutor feels the need to have a go at most of the group for misinterpreting the assignment, then there is clearly something wrong with the assignment.

    Sadly, the H807 feedback and its tone, rather than being a source of inspiration for me to better myself (as Chris Douce’s on H810 was), rather made me simply not give a shit…

    I was told “At the MA level this is not acceptable”. After having missed a distinction by 2% in H810, I was almost in tears when I read that. But as they say, shit happens… just wipe your shoes and walk on!

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