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Consommé double – Word limits

May 15, 2011

What has a consommé double to do with word limits?

a lot!

A consommé double is a type of bouillon mainly made out of beef, vegetables and to achieve it’s strength it is greatly reduced (cooked it down) to half of its volume. Here comes the word limt in. Well, it is not about the word limit itself, but the process to reach the word limit, the process to reduce to the half, or even less.

My reflective part already reached at least the quality of a consommé triple. I am now down to 1111, thus ‘only’ 111 words over the limit, but I am relative clueless what else to cut down, having already reduced the whole reflective commentary by more than 700 words.

Stop wailing 😉
Let’s start another round. I just hope my assignment gains as much on quality as a consommé double.

From → H807, H809

One Comment
  1. Samantha permalink

    LOL! Yes Sylvia, I agree it is a good comparison…and of course a good consume is much better when reduced – it adds greater depth.;)

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