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One more to go for H809

May 31, 2011

Dusted and done – my favourite three words at the moment. Two more assignments, the two final end-of-modul assignments (EMA’s) need to be dusted and done. That does not sound much, but right now it seems like I have to climb the Mount Everest – two times 😦

But probably we should stand up, approach the challenges and challenge them instead. Good idea, the last two EMA’s are easy peasy anyways 😉


So let’s face it – just 5 more weeks to go. Sound good on one side, finally some time to relax, to finish all the pending work, to socialize not only online, even if I greatly appreciate all the friendships I made during my study, that is definitely one of the best experiences studying online, but the downside of having only 5 weeks left is also obvious. 5 weeks divided by two leaves just 2 and a half week for each EMA. Arrrgh – I should better stop writing now and start with my EMA’s. Good luck to everyone, but you know it is not over until the fat lady sings 😉

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