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H807 – Try out services suggested by peers

June 2, 2011

For this activity task, group members should try out one another’s suggestions and comment on them. Your tutor will comment on your suggestions along with other group members.

I found Kate’s suggestion to try out Dipity quite interesting.  She introduced that tool quite a while ago and presented us a timeline produced with Dipity. 

I searched Dipity for a timeline and found one on the history of elearning.

Please, click on it to enlarge it

Unfortunately I have not time to try out the tool, but I will save it in my social bookmark account and I am going to make use of it, once I am done with my courses, like so many other tools and services I just saved as links but had no real chance to explore them in more depth. That is one disadvantage doing two courses, the lack of time :-(

I pondered what I could suggest and draw first a blank, but then I recalled the infoshop about class blogs that I attended at an elearning exhibition  on 24 May 2011.  Well, you might think blogging is not really to innovative, but for my school it would, and I want to introduce blogging to my classes but was so far not really satisfied with the features that Moodle offers, and thought about using a free external blogging service like WordPress or blogger, but was worried about privacy issues.

The contributor introduced WordPress buddy. WordPress buddy or BuddyPress is actually a plugin, but WordPress offers a tool quite similar to Moodle or other VLE for free, except that you need a web hosting service or use the one of your school. It is a closed environment, so no real privacy issues, each student can create and design its own blog, there is as well a forum option, chat, etc. I found that quite an interesting solution, because I pondered quite a while how could realize to combine all the blogs from my students in one single class blog. Well, that was an option.

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