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H807 – Creating an e-tivity (A16.3)

June 3, 2011

I finally reached activity 3 from week 16/17. However, I am quite confused about the instructions 😕

We are asked to

  • create an e-titvity for a group of learners in a specific subject area – so far so understandable 🙂
  • one that can be completed online in two weeks  – I will need forever to design a two week e-tivity 😦
  • writing your e-tivity  using e.g. Salmon’s handout and template and  Laurillards new technology project checklist

2 hours are recommended , but below we are told that this should take us a couple of hours and suddenly there is talk of to make audio or web resources? Please have mercy, how should I manage that. I already work  until late into the night.

However, there it seems that the e-tivity we design for this activity cannot be used for our final EMA. Right now I simply wanted to start with the work on my EMA and not being forced to read great amounts of papers, designing time-consuming e-tivities. I know all the readings feed into the EMA, but why put them at the very end and not giving enough time to design. Designing 2 e-tivities within the last weeks seems not really meaningful to me 😦 Fortunately, H809 allows more time for the finish of the EMA, otherwise I would go mental 😛

So please, could anybody please shed some light into the matter?

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  1. samantha permalink

    Hey Sylvia, hence why we have started the discussion about whether we do it,as most of us are already 2 weeks behind.
    I think the idea of the task is to get you to practice writing, and doing the etivity is like a role play, where you practice doing it for real. Th emore you think about it though, the harder it is. This is why at this point I am not sure it is useful with so many people behind. The time could be better spent helping each other to think about designs for our EMA situation rather than worrying about getting an activity done.

    • Thanks Samantha,

      for the fast reply and a cheer for modern technique 🙂 I am in full agreement with you. This activity confuses me more as it helps. Though I have to agree that reading your and Colin’s e-tivities helped to get an idea. However, following the e-tivities dicussion our tutors comment that e-tivities are just part of the EMA even worried me more. I definitely have to reread the requirements for the EMA. So much to do, so less time 😦

  2. I have never seen better than this site.

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