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H807 – Choosing, running and evaluting an e-tivity (A17.3-5)

June 4, 2011

With more than one week I finally managed to design an e-tivity, but I made nevertheless the third place, i.e. just two other person were actually in time. I think that running and evaluating one e-tivity from one of my peers would have been interesting, but considering that I am still catching up as many of my peers in our tutor-group, and considering as well that time is running out and the EMA grows like the Mount Everest in front of me, I appreciate our tutors final decision to skip this activities and focus on the final activities and the EMA.

Let’s take a stragegic approach and see what EMA  relevant topics still come up in the final weeks and already start planning the EMA. Time is running out :-S

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  1. I think I took fourth place, with inspiration from you, Sylvia!! Once I understood the activity it was fine – but I just find it difficult navigating the course materials with there being no contents menu…

    Oh well, it’s done, and I guess it must be time to print out and study the EMA.

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