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H807 – My e-tivity

June 4, 2011

Finally I came up with an idea for an e-tivity, altough I am still not  sure my design really counts as e-tivity, but I am open to all kind of feedback.

The whole planning is hypothetical as I never approached the topic in this way, but I think compared to my normal teaching it would indeed add value.

My e-tivity

Things I need for my baby – in plain English 😉

I like the videos from Commoncraft pretty much, and the idea was that students copy that style to design their presentation.


This e-tivity will form one part within the learning-area toddler and children. Knowing what equipment a baby needs, is next to care of babies, the development of babies, issues of hygiene and safety, children diseases and nutrition are other contents with the toddler learning area.

Stage of programme

The care of toddlers is normally the last learning area taught within a school year. Care of sick and older people and people with disability are the three other learning-areas taught during one school year.

The students know each other and are familiar with Moodle and it communication features, e.g. forum, wiki, chat, herefore the e-tivity forms part of Stage 3 to 5 of Salmons 5-stage model.

Please click to enlarge the different parts of the table.

Download Sylvias_e-tivity as pdf-file

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