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H807 – Supporting your elearners

June 4, 2011

Supporting learners, whether elearner or ‘normal’ learners is a very important issue, however regarding my personal experience I would say that elearners require more support, especially if the course or class is completely online, like the MAODE course. I experienced a couple of times great feelings of isolation, feeling alone, especially during my BA studies where many students and tutors where not yet ready (or willing) to make use of the communication tools. However, the VLE greatly improved with the change from FirstClass to Moodle, and the number of communication tools. Communication and collaboration greatly improved, decreasing the feeling of isolation and I made a lot of e-friends, experienced greater support, whether academic or moral support, in e-groups as I normally experience in face-to-face groups. It is a great feeling being part of a big community of practice 🙂

Well, coming back to the actual task on hand.

We are asked to read three papers and answer a couple of question.

Activity 1 is about designing elearning material with in-built support and structure

McLoughlin, C. (2002) ‘Learner support in distance and networked learning environments: ten dimensions for successful design’, Distance Education, vol.23, no.2, pp.149–62.

Activity 2 is about my learner’s life events

Dearnley, C. (2003) ‘Student support in open learning: sustaining the process’, International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning [online] (Accessed 04 June 2011).

Activity 3 is about scaffolding the learners for success

Ludwig-Hardman, S. and Dunlap, J.C. (2003) ‘Learner support services for online students: scaffolding for success’, International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning [online] (Accessed 04 June 2011).

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