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H807 – The examinable component

June 4, 2011

Question, question and even more questions

The task or should I say the activity for the EMA (end-of-module assessment) is

The design of communication-based elearning activities

Going trough the guidance from the assessment guide the following questions came up.

First of all I am stuck why H807 places emphasis on communication-based elearning activity, why not simply refering to design an elearning activity? Does not all activities involve a certain degree of communication?

what is the difference between an activity and an e-tivity?

  • e-tivity – Salmon coins the word ‘e-tivity’ to describe ‘a framework for active and interactive learning’ (Salmon, 2002, p.1) / E-tivities is one popular model for building interactive online learning activities in text-based conferences
  • activity – Measurable amount of work performed to convert inputs into outputs? But considering our activities they can involve similar to e-tivities active and interactive learning?

Design on or more elearning activities based on one of the concepts from Block 2 and 3

  • should the activities be related, i.e. be part of a bigger project,  again what counts as activity?
  • can I combine several concepts? e.g the web 2.0 tools and assessments with social literacies. They are anyhow related as most Web 2.0 requires collaboration, communication and sharing, thus social literacies.

What technologies are used and why – do we need to describe the technology, e.g. Moodle, Hot potatoes, audacity or can we assume that the audience (i.e. the examiner) know this technology?

Description of the acitivty itself, its structure and any resources used – is the purpose and the technology used not part of the description, though under a seperate subheading?

I assume that tables can be used similar as we did for the e-tivity? However, what makes it a content table?

Resources? in terms of what? access to computer lab, internet library or books, web-services, money, other teachers that work also on the project,

Show evidence of having reached a good level of understanding of what it means to design innovative elearning. Can that be demonstrated by my design or do I need to highlight that in the justification how innovative that is. But we all know that innovations depend on context. Everything will be innovative for my students, will the examiner consider that even though my chosen technology is not cutting-edge?

Methods of gathering feedback will not be assessed, do we nevertheless need to describe it?

Feedback from fellow students – I thought this is not allowed that I asks my peers from H807, or?

Feedback on the associated activity of your chosen concept, i.e. on my elearning activity or more on the concept, or?

What would I change if I were going to carry out this type of activity again? – based on the feedback and my own evaluation?

I hope my tutor is happy to advise 😉

But I have to say that will be a really interesting and challenging EMA, sounds really interesting and I have a couple of ideas, though quite instructed at the moment. Yet, if I would only have more time and if I would not need to divide my time between two EMA’s, but that is my fault.

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