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H809 – The final countdown

June 6, 2011

Ok, here I am ready to start, but already tired

I decided to stick more or less with my summarized proposal structure, although I think having an introduction and an abstract might be probably too much, although I found this combination in several papers. But I guess I can use my words for other sections.

  • Title – Is the research question the title, or?
  • Abstract – circa 300 words summarising What? Why? and How? you are proposing to undertake this research.
  • Research context – setting out the “research problem” area and what others have done about it thus far.
  • Research problem statement (similar to our rationale of the research question) – why is this still a problem warranting your research; highlighting limitations or weaknesses of other studies and identifying what is necessary to address these limitations. This leads you to stating your research questions.
  • Research question
  • Objectives and aims/significance of the study – explains why the research question should be researched
  • Literature review – shows an understanding of previous research, including theoretical issues
  • Methodology – this section is logically derived from your research questions, aim and objectives and deals with the practical implementation of your data collection, data collection instruments, data analysis and conclusions’ drawing (i.e. findings). It is important to differentiate that the term ‘method’ is sometimes interchangeable to mean methodology, research approach or research strategy
  • Implications / limitations – discusses the implications of the project work for policy, practice and further research

However, I just wonder where to put ethics – in TMA02 I lost points for not mentioning them 😦

Having learned so much about different learning theories, I think it might be as well wise to ground the research in one of these learning theories.

So far so good, although the assessment criteria for the examinable component suggest ‘just’ three sections, with subheadings. 

  • Research question (35% – 1600 words)
    • describes research question (research context), explains why it should be researched (research problem statement), shows an understanding of previous research (literature review), including theoretical issues.
  • Research methods (40% – 1800 words)
    • demonstrate understanding of the strength and challenges of research methods for addressing the research question,
    • with reference to alternative methods
  • Implications (10% – 600 words)
    • discuss the implications of the project work for policy, practice and further research

Our EMA should not exceed 4000 words. The percentage distribution and the estimate word count is stated about. As 15% of the marks are given to writing style, I adjusted the word counts accordingly to come up with 4000 words.

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