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Moby Dick – I’m off then

June 22, 2011

You might wonder how I come up with Moby Dick, but right now I feel like Moby Dick.

I feel hunted from all the demands that the EMAs (end-of-module assessments) put on us, and I feel like I am on a deep-sea dive, submerged, retreated from the world to manage the EMAs.

Fortunately, I managed to surface once, having almost finished the EMA for H809, but I am already on my way back into the deep to finish the EMA for H807. You know it is not over until the fat lady sings! See another thing that whales have in common ;-), they sing as well.

It is actually a pity that I do not have more time and energy to keep up with my blog, but writing the EMAs suppresses all other wishes, except the will to survive 😉

Good luck to everybody else who is in the final spurt to finish his/her exams. We will survive 😉

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