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H809 – Countdown

June 24, 2011


I first wanted to embed one of this cool countdown timers, but somehow it did not work out. It seems that WordPress is incompatible with a couple of formats, e.g. iframes, or Java. I tinkered around almost too long to figure out a trick, and I am sure there is one, but gave up and I am now using a simple calendar sheet that I modified.

4 days left to finish the end-of-course assignment. Fortunately I am in the comfortable situation that I just need to make some small adjustments, proofread it one more time, check that I haven’t forgotten to list any references and that’s it. I just wish I could say that for my other course H807, but I have a couple more days to go so I am confident that I am going to make it with a couple night shifts 😉
One of my peers pointed out that some sample EMAs are available on our course page, similar to H807. However, briefly viewing them left me with a somehow mixed feeling. Some of them use a quite similar structure, but some are quite different :-?. But now there is no way back, I cannot and I do not want to change my research project at this stage. I need to have confidence in my chosen structure.

Bye the way, compliment to the course team. This was and is a really interesting EMA. Although I found it quite challenging to already think about a research question with the first TMA it proved to be really helpful after all. I liked the fact that we not only had the option to chosen between two projects, but to decide on an own research question. I greatly appreciate that, although I almost feel sorry for the tutors who have no comparability. On the other side it might be more interesting for the markers to read about so different topics. Being a teacher myself I am sometime quite biased, but more and more prefer some variety.

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