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H807 – It is done.

July 3, 2011

It is accomplished – my very last EMA for my Master of Online and Distance Education (MAODE).

It took me quite a while to go this way, starting 2005 with my first BA course. Since that I am constantly studying, with just a couple month breaks to wait until new courses start. Now the journey comes to an end. One one side I am more than lucky to have some free time now, some free weekends, evenings or nights that will be definitely great. One the other side I already know that I will miss all my MAODE colleagues. We have been a great community of practice, which was an excellent experience. I will definitely miss that 😦

Now it is actually time to celebrate, but I guess even that has to wait – I am to tired.

But tomorrow I will celebrate my personal Independence Day,

the 4th of July – the day I got my freedom back 😉

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  1. Samantha permalink

    Congratulations! Well done for getting to the end!

  2. LOL!!! It does feel good to have it done and dusted doesn’t it!! For me, this submission marks the halfway point for my MAODE, and I will surely miss you in my next modules!! Take care, Sylvia, and be sure to keep blogging – it will be good to hear about what goes on in your free life from hereon in!

    • Thanks Kate,

      I enjoyed your company and your sense of humour a lot and that it really the sad part of the story to separate with you and the other MAODE students. But actually it does not need to come to an end, I hope we can expand our community beyond the MAODE course. I will definitely follow your blog to see what is going on in your life and your study. Good luck for you, fingers crossed.

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