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H809 – Compliment to the course team

July 3, 2011

It is somehow unbelievable that it is just a couple of days ago that I submitted my EMA for H809. Finishing the EMA for H807 kept me busy and I immersed completely in the design of a communication-based elearning activity. But I am just a fingertip away to submit it waiting just for confirmation of a reference.

Both courses were/are a good finish of my MAODE degree and I can highly recommend H809, it is really a great course. Although I have to admit that I initially considered to substitute this course because I thought this course might be somehow, how should I say, boring not really innovative, pretty old-fashioned. I guess I am/was not alone because the number of participating students is lower as in other H-courses. I even called a course advisor asking for advice how best to solve my dilemma. The course advisor talked about PhD or EdD and I thought, sure of course it took the ministry of education about a year to acknowledged my BA, but my employer the school district has responded to my request for promotion yet. Well, considering the speed of their work I almost assume that I might hear from them in about a year 😦  So why should I consider earn a PhD or EdD? I probably would with a more supportive employer, one reason more for a job change, and besides that my bank account definitely needs a break now.

However, this course is really great  and I liked especially the own little research project, which gave a good taste what to expect when starting with a PhD. It was really very exiting and with another job that acknowledge and give credit to my degree I would really consider doing it. Well, I am still working on it 😉

So go for H809 

For those interested my blog provides quite a good overview what to expect.

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  1. Aw shucks! *blushes*

    Thanks very much for your kind words, and well done on completing the course. And (judging by your subsequent post) the MA too! 🙂

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