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Decision making

July 9, 2011

It is kind of strange, not even one week is over since I submitted the EMA for H807 and I am already bored :-S

I am facing a crucial decision where to go now. 

Should I pursue my dream to work in elearning or should I stay in schoolknowing that I will not be able to apply much of my knowledge?

Not an easy decision and not an easy task. I joined in a couple of groups in LinkedIn and there are enough job offers, but almost all search for employees with a couple of years experience. Great 😦 I feel like I just finished school – I am still or again without previous experience, only this time I am almost too old, not too young. Crazy isn’t it.

But, I will not give up. I found a nice saying lately.

Life isn’t about finding yourself,

Life is about creating yourself.

I guess that is the key I am going to follow.

Edgar e-card

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  1. Experience is relative. You have three (??) years first hand experience of elearning, VLEs, preparing etivities and first hand research into the field of applying technology to education. Just add it to your CV, and Bob’s your uncle!

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