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Dipity – My Study Timeline

July 26, 2011

I tried to capture my study trajectory starting from my first Bachelor course with the Open University to my last module (the terminology changed from course to module) of my Master study. A journey that lasted from October 2005 until July 2011 (cut-off date of last EMA). I still expect my results and hopefully the confirmation of my Master by the end of the year.

Link to my study timeline.


  • Overall Dipity is a good tool to visualize and publish timelines.
  • Dipity allows interaction, in case you allow followers to edit or contribute to your timeline.
  • Dipity allows to embed timelines e.g in your blog, but just in case you blog allows iframes which is not the case with WordPress 😦
  • The search options allows searching for all kind of topics and produce quite good results.
  • However, creating a timeline is relative time-consuming with all the information to include in each event (image, link, title, description, etc), but the results look pretty good, don’t they 😉

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