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Results are out for H809 and H807

September 13, 2011

Not sure when they came out, because I expected them first for Friday the 16 September, like stated on the Student Page, but the OU worked quick.

The good new is that I passed both of my courses and with this I finished my MAODE study 🙂

The less good news is that the final results are not as good as I hoped for. I had a pretty good feeling about both of my EMA’s and put a lot of effort in it, but did not succeed to the extent as I wished and hoped for. Probably the feedback letter will shed some light where I could have improved. Well, all that counts is that I finished my degree.

I hope that all my peer passed as their courses. It was really a great time studying with all of you and although I enjoy having now more free time available, I definitely miss our forums and our other communication. Thanks to everybody, peers and tutors,  who made the study to a unforgetalbe event and good luck to everybody who still has to finish some other H-courses. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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  1. Louisa Thomas permalink

    Congratulations Sylvia!


  2. Congratulations!! We are missing you already – and I suppose if you are a little lonely, then perhaps it is because you were working too hard, so it is all over twice as fast!!? Let that be a lesson… put your feet up, relax, and draw out the pleasures in life!

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