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New Horizons?!

October 12, 2011

Thanks for all the good wishes about my MAODE degree. Although the results are out since September, which I even missed , because I an upcoming assessment in school kept me busy, it is still unbelievable that it is over now. And yes to those you say I must be bored, that is indeed true to a certain extent. I miss in particular the community, the conversation with other students, the challenge.

Well, I am on my way to new horizons, I know that sounds corny, but I made a least a small step towards elearning. I started as an intern, working just a view hours, next to my main job, at the same institution that I chose for my H807 interview about innovators. It’s pretty cool, though my main responsibility, well jointly responsibility, lies in the technical side of the elearning, thus that the HTML and the CSS is correct and then some, but I can still learn how pedagogically sound elearning is designed.

That is a good start :-), especially as I figured out that elearning professionals in the public sector, i.e. on universities or colleges are badly paid. I know it is not all about money, but having more than 500 Euros more or less, can make a difference. Nevertheless, I still see my future in elearning. It is such a fantastic, engaging topic where I strongly believe in that it could change learning and teaching.

Good luck to all MAODE students, fingers crossed for you. Please, feel free to contact me with any issues, I would be pleased 🙂

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  1. I think you were spot on with this write up. Bookmarked and looking forward to some more.

  2. Hi Silvia,

    Well done! I’m all finished now too. The end of mine went almost unnoticed too as it ran into the start of a very stressful summer job and then I did a very brief internship with a company doing the international baccalaureat based in Oxford. I was mainly writing the contents of Help which was great as I got to learn how to use lots of different tools. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting but it was great to be in the room with the instructional designers at a critical pre-delivery time with them and ‘witness their thinking’. I now have a job as Blended Learning Consultant in ELT with Cambridge University Press so now I’m in the team that’s putting the pressure on the instructional designers! There isn’t much design work in it but there’s a lot of explaining and working with teachers who are implementing online and blended programmes

    There is so much variety in this field I’m sure it’s going to be great for both of us and don’t forget, your horizons are opened up to everywhere in the world too. The company I interned for is called Pamoja Education and they employ teachers and course writers internationally. They are growing very fast too so it might be worth following them on LinkedIn. Really nice company as well.

    Good luck in everything and keep in touch!

    • Hallo Deirdre,

      concratulations to your MAODE and to your new job, well done. It really sounds very interesting and as you say a new job or a internship is always exciting and you can learn a lot. I will have a look at the company. I started with Moodle in school, just to get some first hand experience how the students like it and to apply some of the knowledge we gained in our MAODE courses. The school plan to introduce learning journals in some classes and I was asked to provide a little report about it. Let’s see how that develops.

      Good luck to you as well and it would be nice to keep in touch.


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