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Horizon Report 2012

February 14, 2012

Finally, the waiting came to an end with the release of the New Horizon Report 2012. Check it out and have a look at the NMC webpage. or watch the video.

So what is on the near, mid and far-term horizon?

One thing is for sure I need to get rid of my old cell phone/mobile and help myself to a smartphone and a tablet would be great as well, because

  • mobile apps
  • tablet computing

are on the near-term horizon, that is within the next twelve month.

  • Game-based learning
  • learning analystics

are place on the mid-term horizon. Interstingly game-based learning was also placed on the second adoption horizon, two to three years out, in the 2011 Horizon Report and it was not mentioned in 2010 report.

Far-term horizon (four to five years)

  • gesture-based computing
  • Internet of things

Gesture-based computing was also mentioned in the 2010 report, but now two years later it is still placed on the far-term horizon. I think the comparison with previous reports is what makes this Horizon report really  interesting. To see whether the NMCs predictions became true, if they remained static or if they are not longer from interest.

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