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Gesture based computing – Summary

June 30, 2012

Gesture based computing evoked almost unconditionally excitement and a lot of possible applications were suggested and described. Sure some of these ideas are still dreams of the future, but according to the horizon report gesture based computing it takes 3 to 5 years anyways to reach the mainstream. However, some applications are already applied in some classrooms as Ulrike Lucke, this time lecturer, lively showed in her presentation. The main obstacle for this issue seems the lack of financial resources to equip schools and universities at large-scale with the necessary technology,  it is definitely not the lack  possible applications as the many ideas from the #opco12 demonstrated. Claudia Bremer compiled all applications suggested for gesture based computing in her blog post. Quite an impressive list 🙂

The most named keywords:

  • movement, exercise, activity
  • intuitive comprehensible
  • haptic, tactile-kinesthetic way of learning
  • collaboration, learning in groups
  • fascination, excitement
  • technology: Kinect, smartphones, tablets …
  • gestures: wipe, wave, tap … 

Image from Haptic Feedback Technology

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