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#OPCO12 – Final report (Part 1)

July 11, 2012

We are coming to the end of the #opco12 😦   and I thought it is time to start with my final report.

First, I want to look at the MOOC in general and then look at the content in particular and classify my chosen topic(s) within the whole course.

My initial blog post(s) (Stage of orientation – #OPCO12) from the #opco12 were characterized by some insecurity how the MOOC concept will work. Especially the number of participants – over 1000 (as from 16. April) – and the number of participants even increased by 450 participants up to 1450 (as from 18. June) – was quite intimidating. How can a course work with so many people? That was my biggest question. 

However, my concerns were unjustified. The main reason was that the great majority of participants made no real appearance. So-called ‘lurking participants’, sorry no offense. Therefore the group was absolutely manageable and with some e-learning experience and online communication the rest was a piece of cake 😉

After a noncommittal start I warmed up and now I am disappointed that the course comes to an end. The exchange with like-minded people is really great and thanks to the course teams and the lecturer with their presentations during the online sessions this course is/was a great success.

Bottom line is – it is less stressful than studying and getting a degree, nevertheless it is very exciting and I enjoyed, still enjoy the course a lot. And I still get a badge 😉


Here some stats (as from 11.07.2012)

Click to enlagre the diagram

  • 1450 participants
  • countless tweets
  • 298 blog posts
    • Mobile apps: 54
    • Tablets: 37
    • Game-based learning: 36
    • Learning analytics: 31
    • Gesture based computing: 25
    • Internet of things: 10
    • general posts: 87
    • MOOC: 11
    • badges: 4
  • 52 authors
  • an average of 5,2 blog post per author
  • max. no. of  blogs post: 37 (course team)
  • max. no. of blog posts: 20 (participant)
  • min. no of blog posts: 1

Number of blog posts for each category, leaving out the general blog posts.

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  1. Sonja Gerber permalink

    Big sister is watching us 😉 – Trotzdem schöne Übersicht!
    Mit welchen Tools haben Sie die Daten eigentlich erfasst?

    • Alles Handarbeit wie es sich für ein Mädel gehört 😉 Ich habe einfach gezählt – bei den Tweets habe ich mir das gespart – und dann die Daten mit Excel ausgewertet und grafisch dargestellt.

      • Sonja Gerber permalink

        Handmade – auch wow! … und ich hatte gehofft, dass Sie mir ein Tool (außer Excel ;-)) nennen könnten. Bei mir klappt das mit dem Zählen immer so schlecht. Habe nur 10 Finger 😉

  2. Wow! Tausend Dank schon mal für die Auswertung… das spart uns ja eine Menge Arbeit ;-)))

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