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Find my way around the mobiMOOC

September 9, 2012

After signing in yesterday I introduced myself in the mobiMOOC Google group and took a look at the mobiMOOC wiki where I watched Inge’s introduction video.

A likeable video, with a very enthusiastic and authentic Inge.  I also liked her encouraging advice regarding the  course.

“Be at ease with chaos”

Well, I’ll try my best, but so far I feel a little bit lost and overwhelmed with all the structure. There are quite a lot of places to gather information and places to discuss topics regarding mobile learning.

Here are a list of mobiMOOC ‘places’ to go:

Well, this course struture is quite a bit more sophisticated than the #OPCO12 Mooc I participated just recently, which makes this MOOC more challenging.

Image found at

But I will follow Inge’s advise and try to be at ease with chaos. I just hope that I will shed some light into the chaos before the course is over 😉

So better I go back and throw myself in the chaos and learn to swim quickly.


Information about the pros and cons from MOOCs

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  1. You truly outdid yourself with this post. Color me impressed.

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