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First mobiMOOC webinar

September 11, 2012

Yesterday the first mobiMOOC webninar with Inge (Ignatia) de Waard took place. The topic of the webinar was

Planning a mobile learning project

The number of participants was not massive with about 31 attendees, but the variety of attendees was therefore great. Far more than 10 nations where present.

This time the virtual classroom form WizIQ was used. The upload of Inge’s presentation caused some technical problems, but we found a workaround. Besides that the sound was good, which is not always the case when bigger groups use a virtual classroom. That’s at least my experience with Elluminate, Adobe Connect which I used before.

Inge advised us on how to plan a mobile learning project. You can find the presentation on SlideShare. You can also find a mlearning template on the mobimooc wiki for a project that guides you through a prospective project.

After the presentation there was a chance to ask all kind of questions and two participants dared to outline their projects, which already sounded quite impressive. Participants can hand in there projects and in the third week the best project will be elected and can win the 500$ mobiMOOC award.

Being an absolute beginner when it comes to mobile learning, I can not compete, but I will take the chance to develop a project and introduce it to the mobiMOOC community. That’s a chance to receive feedback from more experienced users.

My project will be in the field of healthcare and my target audience will be vocational students. I have a couple of ideas for a project, but it’s not definite yet. 😉

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  1. hi Sylvia, the mobimooc template was kept simple, yet covering a lot of aspects to allow everyone, no matter which degree of experience to enter a project. I feel that the reflective act of thinking about embedding or starting a project brings together a lot of aspects in mLearning, which makes it into a nice overall exercise and collaborative idea exchange. I saw your initial ideas and they already sound wonderful. I have met some nurse related mLearning projects via athabasca university, I will share them with you (if you do not see a mail coming up… remind me!)

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