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mobiMOOC communication

September 15, 2012

It’s all about communication and collaboration

and to “Be at ease with chaos” like Inge advised 😉

The last two days I started to communicate and collaborate with others at the MobiMOOC Google Group (you need to sign in with a Google account). First sight it looks quite chaotic with all that different topics and within each topic  communication goes on. You can feel quite lost if you are new to this way of communication but it’s absolute worth to make your way through.

Inge posts a lot of helpful information or provide video messages to give us orientation, which is quite helpful. But, what I like most is the co-operativeness between the participants. I am still amazed how willing people are to help and support each other. You never have to wait long to get your questions answered.

Some participants already introduced their ideas for a mobile learning project and they are all very interesting. The bandwidth is great, ranging from professional european project about youth worker and their clients and how the use of mobile devices can improve relationships, to smaller classroom projects with the goal to improve communication between two classes of different countries and a project that I find particular interesting was that students creating an ethnographic portrait from each other about their daily life. The reason I found it particular interesting was that I could apply it almost immediately one-to-one into my classroom. Thanks Linda for the idea.

The European project about ‘bridging the digital gap between youth care workers and their young clients by building digital and mobile literacy using mobile learning as a mean for professional development and transferring the experience into practical work with young clients’ is intersting too and I will definitely follow up to find out if this approach is successul, because we deal with difficult studenst as well on our school and staying in touch is not always easy, because they sometimes simply do not want to be reached. Thus it is always interesting to find out how others handle that issues.

I came forward with my little idea about e.g.  reminiscing work with the elderly. I work in a vocational school teaching healthcare. My students would be asked to visit senior citizen homes and interview (podcast or video) older people about their life, the cultural and religious background and all this interviews would be put together in a big presentation. Another idea was to let students conduct interviews with future employees to find out more about a certain healthcare profession. I am still working on that idea and hopefully I will be soon ready to present it.

What I really like and appreciate is that also my project idea was very rough I received encouraging comment on it with suggestion to improve it. Thanks Tuulia I will take your ideas definitely into consideration.

Well, I am not a lurking participant, but I think I could be a more active to really deserve at least that badge 😉

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  1. Alice Bedard-Voorhees permalink

    Greetings, Sylvia,

    Thanks for taking the time to read, respond and provide positive encouragement at my blog. I think intergenerational projects offer so much; in the case of healthcare, it is about the whole person too.

    While on a somewhat different topic (though intergenerational), some interesting videos about native language speakers and language preservation can be viewed at

    Best, Alice

    • Thanks Alice for your kind comment and for providing the link. The site definitely looks great and I will explore it in more detail soon.

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