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MobiMOOC – mlearning projects

September 20, 2012

I know, mlearning projects were on the first week schedule, but inspired by other great mlearning projects and seeing the great potential to receive feedback from MobiMOOC participants and Inge the initiator, I warmed up and came up with two projects, though they are pretty similar in the design. These are my two

mLearning projects

We need you – join the Health force

This project is about the exploration of jobs in healthcare.

The project goals are:

  • Build up a job database for future students
  • Overview over the variety of healthcare and medical jobs in different facilities like hospitals, senior citizens’ homes, childcare, a facility for people with disabilities or e.g. a doctor’s office.
  • List of locations for internship and/or apprenticeship
  • Get to know job requirements and job profile from a human resource manager / professional health staff, experts

Who we are – My footprints

This project is about reminiscing work with the elderly. 

The project goals are:

  • Raise awareness and understanding about older people and their biography (culture,
    religion, values)
  • Tear down stereotypes that might exist between older and younger people
  • Learn about reminiscing work as a mean to improve the care of older people, in particular
    those with dementia.
  • Draw interests in the work of a geriatric nurse

You might be also interested to find out about mLearning projects from MobiMOOC participants. The MobiMOOC is free and you can join the different Google groups with your Google account.

I knew that I can profit by joining in the MobiMOOC, I just didn’t know how much 🙂

Well, the benefits are obvious:

  • you read about other mlearning projects and get inspired
  • start to think about an own mlearning project, or two, or maybe three 😉
  • design a first draft and post it into the MobiMOOC forum
  • receive valuable feedback 🙂
  • edit your first draft
  • getting started with you project
  • receive student feedback
  • evaluate your project
  • get promoted  – Ok, dream on 😉

And there are definitely no disadvantages. You just need to spend some time, but it is absolutely worth the effort. And the second and third week offers even more great topics, like augmented mlearning or mlearning cooperation, just to name two of six topics in the third week. 

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