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Top Ten Tools for Learning

September 23, 2012

Jane Hart asked to share our Top 10 Tools for Learning to help her build the 2012 Top 100 Tools list.

My top ten tools for learning

WordPress, Google Reader, YouTube, PowerPoint, Moodle, Twitter, Skype, Dropbox, Camtasia, Google Search

The vote is still open until 12 noon BST (=GMT+1) Sunday 30 September 2012 and the
Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 will be revealed on Monday 1 October 2012. Those interested in the Top 100 tools for learning 2011 please follow the link.


At about the same time Inge de Waard the initiator of the MobiMOOC asked a similar question.

Sharing my prefered mobile tools and relating it to learning

Here is a list of my mobile learning tools and how I use them.

  1. emails are still my main use of communication in all areas of my life
  2. Skype is a great tool for synchronous communication via chat or call. I used it a lot during my study and now to stay in contact with fellow students and friends
  3. WordPress – although I was reluctant starting a blog and did not believe in any educational value I become an almost addicted blogger ;-). It is a great tool for reflection.
  4. Twitter – great information tool next to
  5. Google Reader – helps me with my personal learning environment (PLE)
  6. Dropbox – access to my files everywhere

Well, it is pretty similar to my top ten list, but these are my main means of communication.

What about you?

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