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January 6, 2013


The OLDS MOOC will be my third MOOC and I have to tell you these MOOCs are addicting 😉

And because one is not enough, I intend to participate in another MOOC – the #MMC13 – MOOC Maker Course, starting 16th January.

Taking two courses, respectively two MOOCs brings up memories of my Open University (OU) study where I normally took as well two courses. I will be very busy, but it will be also great fun to collaborate the participants, probably meeting people I know, and as a nice side effect I can also learn a lot.

During my study with the OU JISC was a valuable source and when I saw that JISC is initiating the OLDS MOOC I was keen to join in. Setting up my clouds in Cloudworks conjured up more memories, as Cloudworks was part of H800 one of my MAODE courses. I was pretty amazed to see that the cloud that I created at that time as part of a group work had 1711 views and 2 favourites. I am looking forward to work with cloudworks again, although I will use that blog as my learning journal to report, discuss and reflect on the OLDS MOOC.


  1. I submit my final EMA for the MAODE on the 17th and have decided against the new H807 which is H817 and all about MOOCs. Instead I will commit to one. I recognised the door and corridor immediately in this image. It leads through to the computer labs of the Instute of Educational Technology at the Open University. Milton Keynes. On the left there are the usability testing labs where I was interviewed trying out the new VLE for the OU – there’s loads of assistive equipment in there too. On the right is a conference room – thatalso hase video cameras in the ceiling and two way mirrors to observe behaviours. This is the Jennie Lee Building … beyond you cross a qaudrangle of grass, with an ancient mulberry tree, then the ‘hub’ the centre of fine dining and a real hub for the entire OU Campus of 4,500+ people.

    • Hallo Jonathan,

      I think it is a good idea to commit to a MOOC. It is really great fun and you learn a lot. Fingers crossed for your final EMA. I never set foot in the OU, although I sometimes considered coming over for tutorials during my BA study, to get to know my tutor and other students in person. But scheduled often only for two hours or so, I always decided against and used the time to continue study. I am a 100% online student 😉

  2. Reblogged this on My Mind Bursts and commented:
    As three years of postgraduate study with the Open University comes to an end I look forward to picking up further thinking online with this MOOC.

  3. Sylvia, it is great to be doing some work with you again! Remember our long Skype discussions during the MAODE!

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